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fm-200 fire suppression system

Fire hydrant pump

off road trailer fire candy

foam bladder tank

Our Services

Our services includes refilling of fm-200 fire suppression systems , refilling of Novec 1230 fluid, Breathing Apparatus, coupling of Hydrant pumps, building of hydrant installations, Fire safety training, Installation of fire alarm systems, supply of fire trucks, sales and maintenance of fire extinguisher, site inspection/supervision, general contact and fire consultant.

fm-200 fire suppression system

fm-200 fire suppression system

FM200 Fire Suppression is a suitable agent for normally occupied spaces. FM200 fire suppression systems are commonly used in Data Centres, Communication Rooms, Telecommunication Facilities, UPS Rooms & Medical Facilities etc.


Fire Hydrant Systems

fire Hydrant Systems

Our Fire water pump sets comprise a combination of electric motor driven, diesel engine driven and electric motor driven jockey pumps that supply water to sprinkler & wet riser fire suppression systems. Fire water pumps are required to comply with standard regulations and International Codes of Practice e.g. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We supply fire water pumps based on client requirement, other hydrant equipment such as hydrant pillars, fire hose, fire hose reel, Cabinets, Valves and nozzles.


off road trailer fire candy

off road trailer fire caddy


Dimensions: w/o FireCaddy / with FireCaddy 8 feet long

Weight: trailer/ trailer with water & full FireCaddy)

Tongue Weight: (empty or full)

Frame: Powder Coated Steel Construction

Axle 2000 lb single axle

Suspension Leaf Spring

Tires 5.30 x 12″ tubeless

Water Tank




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