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Our services includes refilling of fm-200 fire suppression systems , refilling of Novec 1230 fluid, Breathing Apparatus, coupling of Hydrant pumps, building of hydrant installations, Fire safety training, Installation of fire alarm systems, supply of fire trucks, sales and maintenance of fire extinguisher, site inspection/supervision, general contact and fire consultant.  

fire trucks

Fire Truck

At Akuchinyerenwata Oil and gas Limited, we supply various fire fighter trucks.

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Fire alarm system

Fire Alarm Systems

We supplies, installs  and maintain various fire alarm system

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fm-200 fire suppression system

fm-200 fire suppression system

supplies and maintenance of fm-200 fire suppression system

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Two ways(wet) bleaching inlet hydrant valve
Two ways(wet) bleaching inlet hydrant valve

inlet hydrant valve

supply, maintenance and installation of two ways(wet) bleaching inlet hydrant valve

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Gas fire caddy
Gas fire caddy

Gas fire caddy

supply, maintenance and installation of gas fire caddy

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fire hydrant pump
fire hydrant pump

Fire hydrant pump

supply, maintenance and installation of fire hydrant pumps

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Sectors of Operation

  • Telecommunication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Financial institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical / Electrical companies
  •  Engineering consultants
  • Construction Industries
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Firefighter's helmet

Our expansive line of fire and rescue helmets for firefighters include structural, ARFF, wildland, and emergency/search and rescue applications.. 

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head protection helment

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Akuchinyerenwata oil and gas Ltd is the leader in safety generation. We specialize in importation of all type fire safety equipments such as: fm-200 fire suppression systems,  electric Actuator,  refilling of fm-200 gas,  co2, sales and service of all fire extinguishers,  fire alarm systems, fire hydrant pump, Hosereal, and general contractor. When it comes to quality, satisfaction, transparency and trust, then you come to AKUCHINYERENWATA oil and gas Ltd. 

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